Saturday, July 23, 2011

Logans baby blessing!

On the weekend of the Fourth of July we went to flagstaff for my nephew Logans baby blessing!! Logan was born only about two weeks after Zoey, so they are going to be best of buds!!! I'm thinking it will be more like Zoey will date Logans best friend and Logan will date Zoeys best friend and always do double dates and stuff!! HAHA!! The weather was soooooooooooo nice and I want to live there during the summer!!! We had a fun time with the family celebrating Logan!!

This is Zoey and Logan!! I loved that he would just sit there and stare at her, it was so cute!

Zach and Zander chilling on the hammock in the awesome weather!!

The boys doing bathy time before bed!!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Zoey Rebecca Zeigler

Two months ago, on May 7th 2011 I had Zoey!!! The labor was super easy!! Thank goodness!! I started having regular, kinda painful, contractions at around 6:00pm. At around 8:30 they were very painful, so I went to the hospital and I was already dilated to a 6 and 75% thinned out. I got my epidural (heaven) shortly after I got to the hospital and an hour and a half later I had her. I only had to push for 5 minutes! Zoey is precious and she gets more cute every day as her personality shines through!!! We love our little Zo bug!

Zoey, right after having her!! With her goop and all!!!

She weighed 7 lbs 2 oz and was 20 inches long!!

Our first picture right after having her!!

Our first day home with Zander!!! Zander loves Zoey!! Zoey is Zanders new favorite toy........ I don't think Zoey appreciates it most of the time!!!

Thursday, June 16, 2011


For Easter we went over to my moms house and had a yummy dinner. we also did an Easter egg hunt for the kids! It was Zanders first Egg hunt because he was only 6 months old last year for Easter. He loved it and got way into it! He got so excited when he would spot an egg.

Zander spotting an egg.

Zander getting the egg out of its hiding spot.

Zander and mommy enjoying the insides of the eggs.

Mommy disclaimer, Zander doesn't always run around in a diaper with no pants!! HAHA!! He looks like such a ragger muffin!

Saturday, March 19, 2011

I know, I know, it's been FOREVER!!!

We have been busy, which is why I haven't posted anything for five months!!! We celebrated all of the holidays, I'm pregnant, My BABY is almost a year and a half!! I will just post a bunch of pictures to catch you up on most everything that has happened, then I promise I will start blogging regularly!!
We carved pumpkins for Halloween!!

We decorated for Christmas waaaaaaay early, On November 15th. Zach and I love The holidays, so we want to make them start as soon as possible!

Thanksgiving 2010!! We are so thankful for our family and friends!! We didn't take any pics at thanksgiving except for of the food, wich is the most important part, right?!!

Christmas 2010!! Zander got a quad from santa, and he loved it that morning, but since then has been pretty leary of it for some reason!! Santa also gave us a visit, and Zander hated every minute of it!! I guess old men with white beards are scary!!

We got a pair of hair cutting clippers, so daddy gets to cut Zanders hair now!! He likes it!

We finally found something that Zander ACTUALLY likes to eat!!! Spaghetti!!!

We took a trip to the zoo!! Zanders favorite part was the petting zoo and running around the splash pad in just his diaper(we din't bring him a swim suit because we didn't know they had a splash pad)!!

Zoey Rebecca Zeigler will be here in May!!! We are pretty excited and busy getting everything ready for her to be here!!

That is pretty much, in a nut shell, what we have been up to the past 5 months!!!! We are having fun and loving life!!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Zander is ONE!!!!!

I can't believe Zander is already one!!! We had a super exciting birthday party for our little guy this past weekend!!! It was Halloween theme and we had everyone dress up!!! We had a BBQ, pinata, cupcakes and presents, and Zander had a blast!!!!

The birthday boy all dressed up like daddy for Halloween!!!

Mummy hot dogs!!!

Spider and skeleton cupcakes made by me with the much appreciated help of my sister and mom!!!!

Stephanie, KAI and Jaxon!! Stephanie and Kai were fishermen and Jaxon was nemo!!

Birthday boy with grandma!!

Friends!!! We love our friends!! So many of them came to help us celebrate!!!

There was such a good turn out of people, thank you to everyone who took time out of their lives to party with us!!!

Zander hitting his witch pinata!!!

Before he dug into his cupcake!!!

After he ate the cupcake!!! He loves his sweets, can't get him to eat anything, but he will eat cake!!!!
We love our friends and family!!! Happy birthday to my baby boy Zander!!! He will always be my baby!!!

ASU games!!!

We want Zander to LOVE Football!! So, for mothers day Zach got me season tickets to the ASU games!!! We have gone to three so far, and we have a blast every time we go!! My cousin is a HUGE ASU fan, so every season he always buys a ton of season tickets all in the same area, then he sells them to his friends and family. So we sit in a section of all really cool people and family. It is so much fun!!! The past three games have been late games, and I was nervous at how Zander would do being up so late. But he just chills on my lap, watching all the people, clapping when everyone else claps and he just loves it!!

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Hubbys body building!!!

On August 28th 2010 zach did his second body building competition!!! He looked fantastic!!! I am so proud of him and how hard he worked for this competition!!! He did the comp with one of his good friends Cooper Anderson.. So his wife and I were able to hang out all 10 hours of the comp (5 hours for the day comp. and 5 hours for the night comp.) It was fun, and Shalyn and I made shirts for them that said " My hubby is a stud". They were cute!! It was also fun stuffing our faces after to celebrate the end to the 15 week diet that the boys were on!! It was a fun day!!!

Zach looking hot!!!

Me and Shalyn with our shirts!!!!

Zander looking so cute with his shirt that say, "I get my muscles from my dad". Zander didn't actually go to the competition, he got to spend the day with my mom, Thanks mom for taking care of him ALL DAY!!!!