Saturday, July 23, 2011

Logans baby blessing!

On the weekend of the Fourth of July we went to flagstaff for my nephew Logans baby blessing!! Logan was born only about two weeks after Zoey, so they are going to be best of buds!!! I'm thinking it will be more like Zoey will date Logans best friend and Logan will date Zoeys best friend and always do double dates and stuff!! HAHA!! The weather was soooooooooooo nice and I want to live there during the summer!!! We had a fun time with the family celebrating Logan!!

This is Zoey and Logan!! I loved that he would just sit there and stare at her, it was so cute!

Zach and Zander chilling on the hammock in the awesome weather!!

The boys doing bathy time before bed!!

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kai and steph said...

Thanks for making the trip up. It was so fun to spend time with your whole family.